"Alex is a sharp, attentive and thorough vendor partner who has made my small business feel like it’s at a Fortune-500 level. I feel confident that I can make wise business decisions with his thought partnership, that I can grow without feeling like the financial side will get out of control, and most importantly, I trust that Alex has my best interest in mind at all times.  I would highly recommend Bookscaping to any business who wants to take their business seriously and start shooting for their next level."

Amber Hurdle

Owner, Moxie Internal Relations

“Alex is not only a GENIUS when it comes to bookkeeping, but he’s also a trusted ally in the growth of my business. He has crunched numbers for me, given me critical data on the health of my business, and has provided guidance when I needed it. The return on investment of his work proved itself in the first week of working together!"

Neal Samudre


"As someone who is new to building a business, I greatly benefited from Alex's knowledge and expertise. Alex set me up with a solid financial footing and even guided me through the beginning stages of my business."

Declan Wilson

Founder, SHRPA

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